Getting Started With V-Go

From the moment you begin V-Go therapy, Valeritas Customer Care is with you every step of the way. Call us anytime at 1-866-881-1209 for help with starting V-Go, including:

  • A 1:1 partnership with a dedicated representative.

  • Live 24/7 assistance to answer your V-Go questions anytime.

  • Initial instruction and follow-up on how to fill, apply, and use V-Go.

We're committed to ensuring your success with V-Go right from the start. For more help, you can also request easy-to-use V-Go guides and resources (available in English and Spanish), or view and download them below.

Blood Sugar Log

Helps you track your blood sugar readings and adjust your mealtime click to get to goal.

V-Go Quick Reference Guides

Quick Reference Guide (QRG)

Shows how to fill, apply, and use V-Go. (The QRG does not replace the Instructions for Patient Use or instruction from your healthcare professional.) The QRG is available here in 4 formats:

V-Go 24-hour checklist

24-hour Checklist

Reminds you to perform 5 important actions during the first full day of V-Go use and every day after that.

The V-Go Disposable Insulin Delivery Device is designed for Type 2 diabetes

Instructions for Patient Use (IFU)

Provides clear instructions for filling, applying, and using V-Go, plus answers to frequently asked questions and safety information.

V-Go Questions?

Contact Us

Speak to Valeritas
Customer Care 24/7 at 1-866-881-1209.

Just Fill, Apply, and Use

View Video

Step-by-step video shows you how easy it is to fill, apply, and use V-Go.

Did You Know?

People with diabetes using V-Go ranked the helpfulness of our training materials 9.4 out of 10 in the User Preference Program.1

1. Bohannon N, Kelman A, Leichter S, et al. Patient perceptions of the V-Go Insulin Delivery Device. Presented at: 69th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association; June 5-9, 2009; New Orleans, LA. Abstract PO-1992.

Customer Care

The Quick Reference Guide does not replace the Instructions for Patient Use or training on the V-Go. Training on the V-Go is important.

If you have not been previously trained, contact Valeritas Customer Care (1-866-881-1209) before using the V-Go.

V-GoTM Product Overview

Understanding the button names and locations is important for the successful use of the V-Go and EZ Fill.
  • Button Cover: Covers the needle button. Prevents the needle button from being pushed in. Cover must be removed for V-Go to operate.

  • Insulin Port: Location where insulin enters the V-Go through the EZ Fill.

  • Bolus Ready Button: A grey button that lies flat on one of the long edges of the V-Go. When activated, it releases the bolus delivery button. This allows for bolus dosing of insulin.

V-GoTM Product Overview

  • Bolus Delivery Button: A grey button next to the insulin port on one of the short edges of the V-Go. When pressed after the bolus ready button activates this button, the V-Go delivers a bolus dose of 2 Units of insulin (1 push = 2 Units).

  • Viewing Window: Shows a view of the insulin reservoir. A grey indicator in the window demonstrates that insulin is flowing from the device.

V-GoTM Product Overview

  • Needle Button: When pressed, it inserts the needle into your skin and begins the flow of insulin into your body.

  • Needle Release Button: A wide white button with 3 ridges on one of the long edges of the V-Go. An activated needle release button removes the needle from your body and stops the V-Go from delivering insulin.

  • Adhesive Pad and Liner: Once the protective adhesive liner is removed, the adhesive pad affixes the V-Go to your skin.

EZ Fill Product Overview

  • Cap: Protects the needle inside the EZ Fill (bottom of insulin vial holder).

  • Finger Groove: Opening to allow for easy removal of the insulin vial.

  • Insulin Vial Holder: Opening in the EZ Fill where the insulin vial is placed upside down.

  • Insulin Supply Window: Shows a view of the insulin remaining in the insulin vial.

  • Plunger: When you pull this handle slowly up (about 5 seconds) and then push it down (about 25 seconds), insulin transfers from the vial into the V-Go™.

EZ Fill Product Overview

  • Grip: The left thumb occupies this groove throughout most of the filling process.

  • Drawer: The V-Go™ is placed in this drawer for filling. The plug sits in the drawer when the EZ Fill is not in use.

  • Ribbed Drawer Handle: A grooved piece at the bottom end of the EZ Fill that helps with opening and closing the drawer.

  • Plug: When placed in the drawer, the plug protects the EZ Fill components between each fill.

Step 1

Easy to Fill - Remove plug

  • On day 1, plug will be separate from EZ Fill; therefore, skip this step

  • Place your thumb over plug tab while gripping handle to pull drawer out

  • Lift plug out of EZ Fill

  • Set plug aside

Step 2

Easy to Fill - Insert V-GoTM

  • Slide V-Go into EZ Fill drawer with button cover down, adhesive side up, and plastic tab at bottom

  • Hold V-Go down with thumb

  • Push drawer all the way closed

Step 3

Easy to Fill - Insert vial

  • Pop protective cap off insulin vial and discard

  • Pull cap out of EZ Fill insulin vial holder and discard

  • Keeping EZ Fill upright, turn insulin vial upside down and push firmly all the way down into insulin vial holder

Step 4

Easy to Fill - Draw insulin into EZ Fill

  • Slowly pull up plunger as far as it can go

  • Wait 5 seconds

Step 5

Easy to Fill - Fill V-GoTM with insulin

  • Make sure viewing window is at eye level so you can watch V-Go fill with insulin

  • V-Go should be filled with insulin in a continuous flow of droplets, not a steady stream

  • Slowly push plunger all the way down. This should take about 25 seconds

Step 6

Easy to Fill - Check V-GoTM

  • Check that V-Go is full of insulin. In viewing window, you should see only fluid and no air space. Having a few small bubbles is normal and harmless

  • If V-Go is not full:

  • —Push insulin vial firmly all the way into insulin vial holder

  • —Replace insulin vial if empty

  • —Push EZ Fill drawer all the way closed

  • Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to fill V-Go

Step 7

Easy to Fill - Remove V-GoTM and final check

  • Pull drawer all the way out

  • Lift V-Go out of EZ Fill

  • Leave plunger in down position

  • After removing V-Go, look at viewing window. Rotate V-Go to make sure it is completely filled with insulin with no air bubbles larger than a grain of rice

Step 8

Easy to Fill - Clean and replace plug

  • Wipe circular opening on top of plug with an alcohol swab

  • Place plug back into EZ Fill

  • While holding plug tab down, shut drawer

  • Store EZ Fill with insulin vial and plug attached in a clean, dry area of refrigerator

  • After 30-fill use period, discard EZ Fill with insulin vial attached, even if not empty

Step 9

Easy to Apply - Select site for V-GoTM

  • It is recommended you attach V-Go horizontally to your abdomen

  • You can also attach V-Go in an up and down position to backside of arm

  • Select area where you will attach V-Go

  • Practice holding V-Go on selected site to make sure you can reach all buttons and can monitor the movement of the grey indicator

  • Do not apply V-Go over a fold of skin, muscle, or bone

  • Avoid areas with excessive hair or shave area to help V-Go attach

Step 10

Easy to Apply - Prepare infusion site

  • Clean area with alcohol swab

  • Let area dry

Step 11

Easy to Apply - Remove button cover

  • Pull button cover straight up

  • Check to see if cover pin came off with button cover

  • If cover pin is not attached to button cover, try to remove pin manually. If unsuccessful, discard V-Go™ and start over with a new V-Go

Step 12

Easy to Apply - Remove adhesive liner

  • Lift adhesive tab and completely peel off adhesive liner

  • Do not touch adhesive surface

  • Before removing adhesive liner, hold V-Go in hand that you will use to attach it to your skin

Step 13

Easy to Apply - Attach V-GoTM

  • Press V-Go against skin for 5-10 seconds

  • Run your finger around adhesive pad to make sure it is attached

  • While attaching V-Go, make sure you do not press any of the buttons

Step 14

Easy to Apply - Insert needle

Start 24-hour preset basal rate of insulin

  • Hold V-Go against skin

  • In one firm quick motion, press rounded top of needle button completely into V-Go until you hear a click or button locks in place

  • Needle button must lock in place to begin flow of insulin

  • Check grey indicator and your blood glucose at regular intervals

Step 15

Easy to Use - Activate bolus ready button

Bolus dose at mealtimes (1 push = 2 Units)

  • Slide your finger with pressure to locate and press bolus ready button

  • Bolus delivery button will pop out and you will hear a click

  • Make sure you do not press needle release button

Step 16

Easy to Use - Deliver insulin

  • Push bolus delivery button into V-Go™ until it stops

  • You will hear another click

  • You have just delivered 2 Units of insulin (1 push = 2 Units)

Step 17

Easy to Use - Repeat as necessary

  • Repeat steps 15 and 16 until you reach number of bolus doses prescribed by your doctor

  • Make sure to keep track of the number of bolus doses you give yourself

  • If you lose count, STOP bolus dosing, monitor your blood glucose, and follow the plan agreed upon with your doctor or healthcare professional

Step 18

Easy to Use - Release needle

To remove after 24 hours

  • Place thumb on ridged section of needle release button

  • In one motion, firmly slide and press needle release button

  • Needle button will pop out and you will be ready to remove V-Go™

Step 19

Easy to Use - Remove V-GoTM

  • Press lightly on skin adjacent to V-Go with one hand

  • Peel V-Go away from your skin with other hand

  • If adhesive residue is left behind, use soapy water or medical adhesive removers

Step 20

Easy to Use - Discard V-GoTM

  • Check to make sure needle is retracted. If it is not, repeat Step 18

  • Discard used V-Go according to local disposal requirements

  • Valeritas Customer Care

    If you have not been previously trained or if you have any questions about using V-Go or EZ Fill, speak to a Valeritas Customer Care Representative 24/7 at 1-866-881-1209.

Tips for Safety and Success with V-GoTM

Do not take any other insulin shots with V-Go.*
V-Go can be worn any place where insulin can be injected and that remains flat when you sit, stand, or lie down. For best results, choose a suitable site and prepare it appropriately.
Check your blood glucose and movement of grey indicator at regular intervals (≈3 times a day) to make sure V-Go is working properly. The indicator moves very slowly over the 24-hour period.

*Unless specifically advised by your healthcare professional.
Basal rate: V-Go delivers a continuous preset basal rate of insulin over 24 hours that begins when you press and lock the needle button. Make sure to press needle button to begin the flow of insulin. If you were on long-acting insulin before V-Go, do not administer or push in the number of basal Units you were taking using the bolus ready and delivery buttons.
Bolus dose: Bolus dosing is a 2-step process. Each push of bolus delivery button delivers 2 Units of insulin (1 push = 2 Units). There is a maximum of 18 pushes (36 Units) in each 24-hour period.
After a full 24 hours of use, replace used V-Go with a new filled V-Go. If V-Go falls off or stops working, replace it with a new filled V-Go immediately.

Patient Worksheet

PLEASE CALL 1-866-881-1209 to register

Valeritas is committed to your success with the V-Go™ and wants to ensure the best possible experience for you and your healthcare professional. When you tell us your doctor has started you on the V-Go, we can call you after 24 hours to make sure you are using the device correctly, ensure you were previously trained, and answer any questions you may have.

Time to apply a new V-Go each day:

At mealtimes, use the amount of insulin prescribed by your doctor (1 push = 2 Units)

Make sure to keep track of the number of bolus doses you give yourself at each meal.
  • If you lose count, STOP bolus dosing, monitor your blood glucose, and follow the plan agreed upon with your doctor or healthcare professional.

Important Risk Information

If regular adjustments or modifications to the basal rate of insulin are required in a 24-hour period, or if the amount of insulin used at meals requires adjustments of less than 2-Unit increments, use of V-Go Disposable Insulin Delivery Device may result in hypoglycemia. The following conditions may occur during insulin therapy with V-Go: hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) or hyperglycemia (high blood glucose). Other adverse reactions associated with V-Go use include skin irritation from the adhesive pad or infections at the infusion site. V-Go should be removed before any magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) testing.