Insulin delivery for type 2 diabetes that's worn like a patch

Simplify with V-Go®

Simplify with V-Go®

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    John L. V-Go user testimonial
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    Reimbursement assistance available

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You’re an adult with Type 2 diabetes and you want to maintain control of your life. That’s why we’re available to help you learn how to use V-Go —insulin delivery you apply like a patch.

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Whether you’re considering V-Go or are a new or existing V-Go user, we’ll provide personalized one-to-one support to find the answers and guidance you’re looking for. 1-866-881-1209

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Learn how you may be able to save with the V-Go Instant Savings Program or how we can assist you in understanding insurance coverage.

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Important Risk Information
If regular adjustments or modifications to the basal rate of insulin are required in a 24-hour period, or if the amount of insulin used at meals requires adjustments of less than 2-Unit increments, use of the V-Go Disposable Insulin Delivery Device may result in hypoglycemia. The following conditions may occur during insulin therapy with V-Go: hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) or hyperglycemia (high blood glucose). Other adverse reactions associated with V-Go use include skin irritation from the adhesive pad or infections at the infusion site. V-Go should be removed before any magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) testing.