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Leave your insulin pens & syringes behind

with V-Go®

V-Go is an all-in-one insulin delivery patch that replaces both basal and mealtime insulin injections so you can live injection free 1-10

What is V-Go?

V-Go is an all-in-one insulin delivery patch that you apply daily. V-Go delivers a steady basal rate of insulin and provides on-demand dosing for meals 1

Is V-Go Affordable?

V-Go requires only one type of insulin (U-100 rapid acting insulin) for basal and mealtime coverage, which may mean less out of pocket costs for you 2, 3, 10

Is V-Go Easy to Use?

V-Go is applied like a patch and delivers insulin with the push of a button. No inserters, controllers or programming required 1

Patients Prefer V-Go


of V-Go users find it easier to manage their diabetes with V-Go compared to prior therapies11

“I am not doing any more shots”

“V-Go is the best thing ever.
It works wonders for me!”

-Darryl, V-Go user

“I am not doing any more shots”

“V-Go is the best thing ever.
It works wonders for me!”

-Darryl, V-Go user

9 out of 10

V-Go users are happy with V-Go11

V-Go is designed to fit into your life and help you manage diabetes by combining all your insulin needs into one device you apply like a patch.1

  • Replaces basal and mealtime injections1-10
  • Requires only one type of insulin1
  • Easy to fill and simple to use1
  • Discreet and comfortable to wear5
  • Proven to improve blood glucose with less insulin2-10
By using V-Go, you can live your life on the go without interrupting your day to gather supplies or look for a private place to give yourself an injection.

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