Man wearing V-Go® on his arm

Designed for Adherence.
for Results.

  • Significant additional A1c reductions
  • Simplified Basal + Bolus insulin delivery
  • Improves patient adherence
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Man wearing V-Go® on his arm
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Every day your patients are struggling with adherence to multiple daily injections

Help them gain control with V-Go

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What is V-Go®?

V-Go is a simple, highly effective basal-bolus insulin delivery option that is worn like a patch.

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Who is it for?

For your patients on Multiple Daily Injections who could benefit from a simpler insulin delivery option shown to provide improved glucose control.

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Clinical Data

V-Go has demonstrated significant improvements in A1c control compared to prior MDI use in patients with type 2 diabetes switching to V-Go1.

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How V-Go® works
How V-Go Works
Designed for Simple Basal-Bolus Insulin Delivery

Educating Your Patients

As you get your patients started on V-Go, here are educational resources
that may help the conversation

Starting Patients

Share this video with your patients to help them learn how to use V-Go

Get Your V-Go on