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V-Go® is an all-in-one insulin delivery patch that delivers a continuous preset basal rate of insulin and provides on-demand bolus dosing.1
Clinically proven to reduce A1C with less insulin.2-10

V-Go is designed to simplify insulin delivery by combining basal and bolus coverage in one insulin delivery patch to improve results.


  • Eliminates the need for basal and bolus injections1-10
  • Requires only 1 type of insulin (U-100 rapid
    acting insulin)1
  • Takes less than a minute to fill1
  • Applied without an inserter once a day and worn for
    24 hours1
  • Delivers insulin without programming or controllers1
  • Improves glycemic control2-9

V-Go is Proven Effective and Efficient Across
Adult Patients with Diabetes Requiring Insulin2-10

V-Go Clinical Benefits

Improved Blood Glucose:

Switching to V-Go from prior glucose lowering therapies reduced mean A1C by 1.8% at 6 months2

Decreased Insulin:

Switching to V-Go from prior therapies including prescribed insulin decreased mean prescribed insulin by 36%2
Data from a restrospective study in 153 patients with diabetes with a mean A1C of 9.7% before switching to V-Go. Prior therapies included a prescription of at least one of the following: basal insulin, bolus insulin, GLP-1 RA, or oral glucose lowering medication.2


Adult Patients Requiring Insulin

Commonly Prescribed in Patients

See How V-Go Can Benefit Patients in this Quick Video Overview

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