Fill, Wear & Go with V-Go®

V-Go is a once-daily insulin wearable, patch-like, device that helps provide blood sugar control for everyday lifestyles.1,2

  1. Fill: First, fill V-Go with fast-acting insulin, as described in the V-Go Instructions For Use.2
    Insulin is not included with a V-Go prescription. A separate prescription for a U100 fast-acting insulin is required to fill V-Go.
  2. Wear: Place V-Go where insulin can be injected or infused such as the abdomen or the backside of an arm. The location can be changed based on your preference or clothing choice each day.2
  3. Go: For 24-hours, including while you sleep, a continuous insulin infusion can help manage blood sugar levels. If needed, V-Go can provide an additional mealtime insulin dose with a click of a button.2

V-Go Cares™


MannKind Corporation does not give medical advice about diabetes management.
Discuss all medical therapies with your healthcare professional.



The V-Go series of Wearable Insulin Delivery Devices are indicated for continuous subcutaneous infusion of either 20 Units of Insulin (0.83 U/hr), 30 Units of insulin (1.25 U/hr), or 40 Units of insulin (1.67 U/hr) in one 24-hour time period and on-demand bolus dosing in 2 Unit increments (up to 36 Units per one 24-hour time period) in adults requiring insulin. A U100 fast-acting insulin should be used with V-Go. EZ Fill accessory to V-Go is required to fill the V-Go with Insulin. EZ Fill is only intended to fill a 30-day supply of V-Go devices (1 V-Go per day).

Important Safety Information

V-Go is magnetic resonance (MR) unsafe. Remove V-Go before X-ray, MRI or CT scan and replace it with a new V-Go after the test is completed. Do not use other insulin products while on V-Go therapy unless instructed by your healthcare professional.

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