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Basal and Bolus Insulin Delivery with V-Go®
Requires Only 2 Co-Pays

V-Go Wearable Insulin Delivery

U-100 Rapid-Acting
Insulin Vials

With V-Go there are no out-of-pocket expenses for:

V-Go is Available in 3 Dosing Options1

V-Go Dosing Guidance in Patients Switching from MDI*2,3

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1 click = 2 units

*Individual dosing needs may vary.

  • Understand the total daily dose of insulin your patient is actually taking with their current regimen versus what is being prescribed. Selecting the correct
    V-Go option may lessen the risk of hypoglycemia.1
  • It is common practice to use weight-based dosing and reduce the total daily insulin dose when starting a patient on continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy and these factors should be considered when starting a patient on V-Go.1
*Additional considerations for V-Go Initiation Dose:
  • Adherence to current insulin regimen
  • Blood glucose levels

Recommended to evaluate insulin dosing within 2 to 5 days of initiating V-Go and to ensure that patients have a plan to manage hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.1-3

Prescribing V-Go

Send prescriptions to the patients’ preferred pharmacy.

Select the appropriate V-Go Dose Option

Example Prescription For:
V-Go Device

Heading #3
Heading #3
V-Go 20, 30 or 40
# 1 box of 30 V-Go devices for 30 days
Use 1 V-Go every 24 hours as directed


V-Go is filled with a
U-100 Rapid-Acting Insulin

Example Prescription For:
Insulin to Fill V-Go 30

Heading #3
Heading #3
U-100 rapid acting insulin
# 3 x 10 mL vials
Administer up to ____ U/day


Per FDA Labeling
Required Vials/Month:

• 2 10 mL vials required for V-Go 20
• 3 10 mL vials required for V-Go 30
• 3 10 mL vials required for V-Go 40

*If V-Go is not covered by your patients’ insurance plan and they are commercially insured, a cash pay option is available.
To access V-Go cash pay* for a patient e-prescribe the V-Go prescription to:

UBC Pharmacy LLC, 600 Emerson Road, Suite 300, Creve Coeur, MO 63141
NPI: 1962978858
Fax: 1-866-750-9260
Phone: 1-855-822-7948


V-Go Cost Savings Card

Eligible patients may pay as little as $50 for a 30 day supply of V-Go

References: 1. Instructions for Patient Use. ART-1361 Rev D V-Go IFU 2023. 2. Adapted from Edelman SV, Bode BW, Bailey TS, et al. Insulin pump therapy in patients in patients with type 2 diabetes safely improved glycemic control using a simple insulin dosing regimen. 3. Chun J, Strong J, Urquhart S. Insulin Initiation and Titration in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes Spectr. 2019 May;32(2):104-111.