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V-Go® is Proven to Significantly Reduce A1C
Across Adult Patients with Diabetes Requiring Insulin1-9

V-Go Clinical Benefits

Improved Blood Glucose

Switching to V-Go from prior glucose lowering therapies reduced mean A1C by 1.8% at 6 months1

Decreased Insulin

Switching to V-Go from prior therapies including prescribed insulin decreased mean prescribed insulin by 36%1

Data from a restrospective study in 153 patients with diabetes with a mean A1C of 9.7% before switching to V-Go.
Prior therapies included a prescription of at least one of the following: basal insulin, bolus insulin, GLP-1 RA, or oral glucose lowering medication.1

Hear What People Have to Say about V-Go

Meet Jim

He dedicated his life to helping others. After his diabetes diagnosis, Jim needed help himself. Although multiple daily injections work for some people, they weren’t working for Jim. He forgot to inject or couldn’t inject discreetly, but V-Go made a difference in getting the results he needed.

Meet Debbie

For years, Debbie struggled to get her blood sugar under control. Daily insulin shots were always on her mind and stopped her from enjoying life to the fullest. When introduced to V-Go, she was excited to learn there was a simpler and more convenient way to get her insulin that wouldn’t slow her down.


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